Film Production & Podcasts

Film provokes change.

This mode of storytelling can dissolve barriers and illuminate solutions. Film making and audio production is also a wonderful way to celebrate, acknowledge and commemorate.

There are many ways to tell a story. Gneiss Design listens carefully to capture the essence of people’s stories, balancing this carefully with timing and texture, and projecting to suitable audiences across virtual and physical platforms. As a multidisciplinary creative studio, Gneiss Design draws together many skills and techniques to produce films with resounding impact.

Do you have a story to share? Let’s talk about how. Contact Gneiss Design today.


Annette Carmichael Projects:
The Stars Descend

Filming of five exquisite outdoor dance performances connecting across 1000km of habitats

Fremantle Fenians:
Podcasts Series

Written & produced by Fenians Fremantle & Freedom with post-production by Gneiss Design.

Verity Byth with SEA:
My Money Matters

Textile Artist Verity Byth stitches money stories together, leading conversations about the importance of financial literacy for Women

…SO IMPRESSED with the sound effects, the way the music was blended in and the overall quality of each podcast.

Margo O’Byrne